Thursday, November 07, 2013

Conversations on knitting - Felix & Andrea

So, Andrea, you've been working hard on reducing your UFOs this year. How is the ‘Two out, one in’ thing working for you?

Pretty well, actually. Since the beginning of this year I've managed to reduce my WIP list from 56 to 29, but I keep starting new stuff without trying. Like last month, I started a *cardigan*, solely because I needed tv knitting. Then there's the projects that need "fixing".

Fixing how? Repairs, or the dreaded pattern mistakes?

In the words of Old El Paso, "Why not both?"

My crochet wreath didn't fit the wreath form properly, so I've frogged that to try again, either as the same style as my previous wreath or maybe a finger knitted one.

Then there's the sleeves on Marcus' orange jumper. I *finally* got more of the same colourway (different dye lot, though) but now that I'm up to sewing in the sleeves they seem too narrow to fit. I think I'll have to undo and make them wider. Hopefully the colour’s close enough not to make a difference.

How about the 95% projects? How many of those do you have left?

What 95% projects?!?

The ones that you only have 5% left to finish.

How do you know about them? Have you been rummaging through my projects again?

No, but I remember the spreadsheet you made :P 

Yet you couldn't remember we'd run out of bananas?

I only have two 95% projects: Dot's Hatchling cardigan which needs 6 buttons sewn on, and my Granny Triangle Bunting which need to be joined up. The problem is that there is sweet nothing of the yarn left and none left anywhere. IN AUSTRALIA. The rest of my projects are a bit less than 95%...

So if you had to choose three projects to line up next, what would they be?

To finish or to start?!?

To finish.

Can I start something else if I finish them? And if so do they have to be less than 95% to finish, so they’re something I really need to work on?

You can choose any three projects, and then nominate the next one to replace them.

In that case, I'll add the buttons to Dot's cardigan, finish off the bunting (somehow) and knock off that @#$%* doily. Then I'll start the decorations for Joex's wedding. How does that sound?

Sounds perfect :)

Nope, wait, changed my mind. Marcus responded *really* well to animal finger puppets at Speech Therapy today. I think I'll knit some. They shouldn't take too long, right?

Probably not, no.

Found a pattern:

That looks perfect :)


Well, smeg it. The cardigan is done, the bunting is done, but the doily needs a circular needle. There's too many stitches for the double points. Looks like I'm back on Marcus' blanket.