Friday, June 29, 2012

This week's knitting

Here's what I have:

Five headbands for a customer, with #6 being finished while I wait for my niece's debutante ball to begin tonight (they never start on time). I've also picked up three finishing projects to drop off next Saturday.

Dress? What dress? No idea what you're talking about...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hook-ing, not hook-...

Crochet is what I do when I want something made up quickly. I'm fast at knitting but I seem to be ridiculously fast at crochet. On the other hand, cut me in half and you'll read the word "knitter" running through me like rings through a tree.*

I suggested to Felix that he might need a hat with earflaps. The current weather is pretty terrible here in Melbourne, and now that he's growing his hair out I worry about him out in the early morning cold with wet hair. Yes, I am turning into my mother.

I chose the Granny in a Flap hat from UK Lass in US, and he loved it.I suggested grown up colours and he loved the idea even more. I then changed my mind completely and decided to make him a Turn A Square in greys instead. I'm not all that constant, really. The kidlets are now getting matching Granny hats, because I like torturing them. Dot pulls every hat off and Marcus just won't let me try to put one on his head, but I shall persevere. Because I like torturing them.

My next crochet idea is the Caracol's Granny Poncho in light grey and charcoal, with maybe some red in there. I have some grey pants with a red pinstripe, and I need to wear more handmade items to work on Sundays. Last week I wore the Elsie cardigan from Rowan "Vintage Style" and customers kept asking where it was from and how great it was and what a beautiful colour etc. It was pretty fun, actually. Now I need some 10ply.

If only I worked at a knitting store...

* Please don't cut me in half.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Baking!

Even when it's not Easter I could live off hot cross buns. However, I only eat them at Easter, because otherwise they're not special.

Of course, if you don't add the crosses, they're fruit buns. You can eat them anytime - yay!

(Psssst! If you would like to be very very lovely, please visit my profile here. Basically, I'm begging for votes for the Healthy Life Awards with Weight Watchers. Pretty please?)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back on track (sorry)

Knitting on a train.

We shall now resume our normal schedule of staying up until 3am, knitting like a fiend possessed.

(Sorry my thumb looks so manky)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A knitting disaster

I'm still working away on the pink dress, with about two weeks to go. It's a hard slog mostly because I loathe the yarn. Still, money helps the world go round, so I'll just have to keep knitting. Except I can't.

Last night while I was chopping up an onion for dinner I slipped. At first I thought I was fine, but then the bleeding started. Not a big cut, but a bit deep.

About twenty minutes ago I settled into my seat on the train to head off to my Sunday job at Morris & Sons (I shall pause while you all squeal with jealousy) and I pulled out my knitting.

Do you know how useful your left thumb is when knitting? Especially the left side, where the cut is?

Until I can work out a way around this, I'm in pretty deep trouble.

Train trips are really boring when you can't knit.