Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Has anyone seen my Adiposey?

I had my crochet in the front seat of the car, but then the car went all wobbly and I grabbed everything out of it in bags and now I can't find the bag that had my crochet and now I need to work on Felix's Adipose doll and I don't know where it is!

*deep breaths*

In other news I finished Marcus' green cardigan.

When we put it on him to take a photo Felix said "Look at Daddy's little Kurt Cobain!" which was both incredibly funny and somewhat accurate, Mr Cobain having been the sort to rock a cardi. Marcus failed to work out why we were laughing, but he seemed content to slob about in it for the afternoon (we couldn't take it off him without protests so we stopped trying).

I also realised that my new 4ply cardigan I started to knit for Dot will be far too small for her. Dot is somewhat... large for her age, and generally wears size 1, so I've frogged it back and started making her a new cardigan using bamboo/cotton blend.

It's a Hexagon Granny Cardigan and it is positively zooming into existance. I started this at 7:30pm last night and I'm onto the second half already. Mind you, I need to buy more yarn to finish it - at least another ball. Considering I'm using Moda Vera Bamboo Cotton the bank shall remain unbroken.

The Baby Cowboy boots were finished up on Saturday as well (day of the green cardigan) and they're just adorable. I adore them. They are to be adored. Possibly more so once they're on Dot, but I have no intention of waking her up just to take a picture. Feel free to sulk.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The good, the bad and the oops-I-started-another-project (or two)

First up, the good.

Dot's Baby Blu jeans, made from Knitty. I wish I could call them a fast knit, but considering they took over 9 months, I won't! Rowan Denim is fantastic when it's all washed and faded but I now have a set of bamboo 4mm with indigo staining.

I haven't managed to try them on her yet, but I need to make her a cowboy shirt first. Red, I think.

The bad? I had a beanie I made my da ages ago (a few years, we're talking) and all I needed to do was add a brim. Now, the beanie itself was far too deep, so I overlocked the edge to make it shorter. Let me repeat: I overlocked the edge. On a scale of 1 to stupid it was amazingly stupid.

When I came to the point where I needed to undo the beanie I still thought I could work it. This idea continued past the black and onto the white before reality kicked me in the head.

Would you want to wear a beanie with this many joins in it? Me neither, so it's frogged now, but I plan to purchase more Rare Yarns later and make it before winter kicks in too hard.

Dot likes it when I frog my knitting because she gets any of the scraps to play with!

As for the oops, I not only started the Adipose amigurumi for Felix, but also a 4ply cardigan for Dot and some crocheted cowboy boots to go with Dot's new jeans.

Mind you, I only started them two hours ago, so I might be able to finish something up this week!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So close!

Look over there on the right at my "Works In Progress" section. Look at the percentages there: 95%, 5%, 95% and 95%. All I need to do to finish off Marcus' Green Jacket is add four buttons that I haven't been out to purchase. All I need to do to finish off the Garden Shawl is block it, which I don't plan to do until it's closer to Royal Melbourne Show time (ever the optimist). As for Baby Blu jeans, I need to sew them up, which won't take me too long.

So would someone please move the cat so I can actually finish them? She went to bite me when I tried.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Meet Snuffles (and his highly productive creator)

I was on Ravelry and spotted the perfect photo. It was cute, sweet and looked pretty simple. It was also amigurami, which I think means "Crocheted small things that make people squee". So I dropped my knitting, picked up the hook and made myself a dragon.

Meet Snuffles.

I adore him, 'nuff said. The pattern was beautifully written and so easy to follow. The only modification I made was to increase his wing size and add them to the back of him. His tail helps him stand upright and look adorable.

He's very adorable. Happy Year of the Dragon everyone!


I've been working hard on other projects. I finished up Cameron's birthday Van Halen cosy.

Now he can rock out with his beer all cosy. The very lovely Joex came and picked it up yesterday while dropping off a stereo for me to use in my sewing room (woohoo!) and mentioned that the previous evening she and Cam had been microbat hunting as a community project - catch them, tag them, release them sort of thing. Sadly, they didn't catch any, so I thought I might make it up to her as a thank you for the stereo.

An amigurama microbat is on its way to you today Joex!