Friday, April 25, 2014


Felix and I escaped the confines of our asylum today to go to lunch and a movie - just like normal people! A few yummy plates of yum cha followed by "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and we were feeling pretty happy.

We were at the Jam Factory cinemas so we wondered off to check out Topshop/Top Man and see if anything took our fancy. I was a bit surprised when Felix picked up a jumper and said "I've always liked these."

I looked him. " Fisherman's rib? With a plain rib crew neck?" He nodded. I may have become a little screechy at this point.

"I've had 17 balls of charcoal grey Zara waiting for five years to make you a jumper! Any jumper! I bought the wool when I was pregnant with Marcus! You've never said anything about fisherman's rib!"

Felix looked at me. "Did you ask me if I wanted fisherman's rib?" 

"I showed you pictures of jumpers! I asked you what you wanted! You sod!"

"I'd like one like this, please."

If it wasn't for the please, he'd still be walking home now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stash smash

Obviously I didn't really spend fours days doing nothing but eating chocolate and knitting. I'd be further along than row 32 if that were true.

On Thursday night I sallied forth in pre-Easter traffic to Chantal's house where I started organising my stash. ALL OF IT. Five boxes worth.

Remember how long I've been knitting, so I have a pretty good excuse for so much yarn. I had two boxes of future projects with the yarn and pattern in bags, plus three boxes of actual loose yarns. But now?

Now I have one box of future projects and.....four boxes of stash? Okay, that went well. It is still to be further sorted out. All leftovers from my projects will be put into plastic pockets and sealed up with a note for what project they were for. I get rather paranoid about holes in knitting and mending stuff, so I will always keep leftover balls for repairs.

That might get it down to three boxes. I can't promise miracles, mind you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Four day chocolate fest

What is it about Australians and Easter chocolate? The rest of the world doesn't go this crazy...

Anyway, the second Sherlock Great Afghan Adventure square was released on Saturday and I started it yesterday before heading off for a pleasant afternoon with my family. Yes, chocolate was involved.

Yesterday was also our seventh wedding anniversary. Traditional presents for seven years? Copper or wool.

Felix, I want more stash or a copper spinning wheel please. Or a copper sheep.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dot took Marcus' unfinished blanket out of my bed storage drawer. She dragged it into the lounge room and started naming all the colours. I think it's a very non-subtle hint to finish it.

And start one for her.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I checked with the recipient of Egeblad, aka me mum. Apparently I am SO clever.

I love knitting for people who appreciate it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Back in the mood

Well, I disappeared for a week, but I managed to get a lot of knitting done, so all fair there!

During the week I wrote out two lists: all the knitting I want to do and all the knitting I have to do. My have list included my customer's knitting, so I knocked those over pretty quickly. Felix stayed home on Friday to help with two sick-ish kidlets, which freed up a lot of time, especially for re-organising the back room! 

On my have to knit list was blocking my Egeblad doily. I love blocking lace; it's so much fun watching something all crunchy and wobbly turn into art. I've been putting this off because it's a circle and for some reason I was worried that I wouldn't be able to block it as a perfect circle.

I wasn't but I don't care. It's circular so I win. After a day pinned I'll release it from its metal prison and gloat a lot.

I also finished the first square in my Sherlock afghan series. The first story is "A Study in Scarlet" and the first square is called "Lauriston Gardens" after the address the body was found in. The pattern represents the brickwork of the building, and it was a lovely knit, lots of twisted stitches. I've only steamed it lightly for now, I'll block it good and hard when it comes time to sew up the blocks together.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Ooooo, cupcakes!

Normal knitting shall resume soon.

In the meantime I'm enjoying a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

A slog

Three days of lectures and discussion, of notes and coffee, of stories and worry, not to mention the intense struggle to find something blue to wear on World Autism Awareness Day, but I still managed to do it (as did Felix, but this isn't his blog).

Level 1 ABA Therapist. Now I can relax and knit some more Sherlock square for a bit.