Friday, May 15, 2015

Meet Dobbin

My Harry Potter lifestyle continues, unabated. Not only am I listening to Stephen Fry's audio recordings (for the gazillionth time) but I'm still creating projects for my classes.

For Muggle Studies this month we needed to make something based off a stamp. Apparently stamps are odd, hence the need for studying. I knew what I wanted to make, so I found a stamp with some koi and got hooking.*

My lovely friend Lea found the pattern and I'm pretty sure she's a genius. Dobbin was a breeze to make, seriously. We're talking two hours, tops, for all of it.

The lovely gemstones in the bottom were a gift from Lea as well, and Dobbin thinks they're beautiful, as do I.

Best if all, I have a no-maintenance pet! If only I had a pony...

In other knitting news, I managed to make a pretty impressive mistake sewing up a customer's jumper.

I managed to sew the back and the front of a raglan together. I'm officially a cretin.

* With a crochet hook. Minds out of the gutters, people!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nerdy nerd nerd

I finished the shrug for my customer last week. Turn out that she had a ball tucked away somewhere, so I drove over and nabbed it. Two days later she was looking happy and rather blue in her new shrug. I do like happy customers. Only thing better is a happy me, and considering that Spring term for the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup started May 1st I am one highly chuffed lassie.

Here's the deal: each term is made up of three months. Each month you have classes, eight of them, but your minimum requirement is one. There are OWLs, knitting projects that will take 8-12 weeks to do, and there are Missions for the Order of the Phoenix, which take 6-8 weeks. There are Quidditch matches too. To shoot goals, knit/crochet something.

This is a HUGE amount of fun for a Harry Potter junkie, like myself. I was sorted into Slytherin and have weaseled my way into everything. It's just wonderful to have others love what you love and try to combine how much you love everything together. 

So here are my classes so far:

A dragon's tooth mug cozy for History of Magic.

A Falkor-pink bow for Potions.

A ripple mug rug for Charms, based around water. I chose my colors for "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner": The water burned like witches oils, all green and blue and white." 

An oddly colored Scottish terrier for Transfiguration.

Lastly, I finished Square 10 for my Sherlock blanket. I'd started it before term began, so any project you finish up during a school month can be turned in at Detention.

See? I told you it was fun!

Monday, May 04, 2015

This is not good

I have 4 rows left of knitting on the TARDIS blue shrug.

That's how much wool I have left.

It really is bigger on the inside, because how else is all the yarn gone?

Friday, May 01, 2015

Tangled up in blue

I am starting to get very VERY tired of this shrug. Hopefully I'll get most of it done this weekend.

I have a new project planned. And it's grey. And I'm still excited.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Which came first?

Not content with basking in the glow of the finished jumper, I also completed another project on Monday.

I started this chicken for Easter and promptly forgot about it. It's using up the yellow cotton from the Jumper Which Shall Not Be Named and was - eventually - a pretty quick hook up.

Now, back to knitting up the impossible shrug band...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cold Snap

The temperature has dropped dramatically here in Melbourne. Early morning is a struggle to get out of bed, usually because there are two children lying on top of us.

This morning on my walk I felt like Cathy on the moors.

Only thing you need in weather like this is a biiiiig thick jumper, and boy do I have a doozy for you.

My mum started this jumper when she was pregnant with my sister Bronwyn. Next month Bronwyn turns 49. My mother very nicely asked me to finish this jumper a while ago, and I finally got around to it this month.

The jumper needed the ends sewn in on the motif, sleeves picked up and knitted down, and the neckband picked up and knitted. I tried doing the neck last year (before the sleeves) and gave it up.

I finished the jumper last week and the neck was DREADFUL. It stood up oddly and turned me into a salty pirate, curse-wise. I frogged it back, picked up half the stitches between the front decreases and center back and it went much better. I forgot how wide mid-sixties necklines were on jumpers. Very Ann Margaret.

So, 49 years later, it's all done and handed over. My mum is so happy with the end result, and now she's decided to pass it along to Bronwyn's daughter Ashlee. My niece gets cold really easily and as a very pale blonde she's going to look fantastic in it.

Personally, I think I should have kept it.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Future cramping

I've managed quite a bit since Wednesday.

1. Ripped back the neck of the ski jumper again. This jumper is a major thorn in my side, but I really want it done before the end of the month, so I'll try it again.

2. I needed knitting on Wednesday night, as Felix and I were off to see Avengers 2 in Gold Class. Comfy chair + Joss Whedon movie = perfect knitting time. So I whipped up a garter stitch scarf to wear on my dreaded morning walk. Avengers was brilliant, by the way. A comedy with action bits. Awesome.

3. I managed to cut my finger. I think it's a paper cut, not really a big deal, right? Wrong.

This is how I cast on, long tail method. The wool is constantly scraping over the cut at high speeds. It hurts a lot. So it looks like any new projects will have to wait.

4. Good thing too, because I picked up a project from a customer yesterday. It's a little shrug that needs a collar picked up. Shouldn't be too hard. First pick up 300 stitches. Eventually - after 33 rows of rib and increasing - there are 600 stitches. Now knit another 10 rows and cast off.

I'm doomed.