Monday, October 15, 2007

Knitting, cats and pom-poms

My Drunken Da continues onwards. I was highly impressed by ability to work it all out and knit it. I've measured the back against the future owner, and apart from ripping out an inch, we're all pretty happy.

In the midst of flu fever I decided that I really needed a pair of fingerless gloves. My fourth pair, to be exact. I sat up, cast on Nearly Gloves, and they literally flew off the needles, and were finished in one day.

Main problem is that I don't like 'em. Anyone want them? If not, the Salvos will be the new proud owners...

My main focus at the moment is my new job (hurrah!). It's a two-day a week, split shifts job, but - here's the kicker - it's at a cattery. I get to play with cats all day. I also have to clean up after them (no biggie) and feed them, but everything is worth it when you're hugging a British Blue kitten that loves you a lot.

The bright side is that I'm currently getting rid of a heap of old stash to make pom-poms for the cats to play with. A LOT of old stash. Feel free to send any yarn you don't want to me - there's accommodation for 340 cats at the cattery, and I plan to have a pom-pom in each room for them to play with.

Oh, man.... kitties!

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