Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Resolution Time

First off - Happy New Year to one and all.

I hope you celebrated appropriately and drunkenly, and that anyone celebrating in Melbourne or Adelaide was near an air-conditioner (stupid summer! I can't wait to move!).

I can finally hop back onto a computer as the cattery finally has less than 150 cats. At our scariest we were housing 264 (27th December, 2007) but people are back from their holidays and I have to part with many of my favourites, like Sir Elton the ragdoll and Cous Cous the 16 week old Burmese - I told his owner to get lost when he came to pick up the cat. The very understanding man couldn't stop laughing! I can't wait til Friday when we lose Quarters, the Norwegian Forest cat. My co-worker has been jokingly praying for his owner to die in a freak car accident so she can keep him. At least, I think Joex is joking...

Usually I have a massive list of New Year's resolutions, usually capped off with the ever present "Get fit and lose weight". This year I'm planning something a little different for my list. Enjoy.

Andrea's 2008 Resolutions

  1. Be less selfish with my time. Spend more with friends and family, stop hoarding my life.
  2. Get out of the house more, and not just to hide in Borders. You can't control things outside the flat, but you can just deal with it.
  3. Stop knitting so much for yourself. Other people need knits too, especially socks. People love hand knitted socks.
  4. Try to finish up some of my old WIPs. I know the Cabled shrug is really hard, but putting it off three years running will not make it any easier.
  5. No-one ever died cleaning. Really. Except those people who... nope, no-one has.
  6. Get over the hair. You're not Samson.

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