Monday, July 07, 2008

Please explain. Pretty please?

I've been packing up my yarn into zip lock bags, along with pattern print outs and photocopies, then putting them into one of my bags in preparation for our move*.

In doing this I have had to delve into the realm of my knitting basket by the lounge window. At the bottom was a bag of Jo Sharp Aran Tweed to make the Renaissance cardigan, along with the first ten rows of the body. I rummaged about a bit because I was sure I had started knitting a sleeve. When a sleeve looks like this:

you do tend to remember it.

I eventually decided I was losing my mind until I saw the page with the left sleeve pattern. The first twenty rows had been crossed out.

I knew I'd started the stupid thing! Now I just need to find it, and I thought I'd sorted out all of my knitting in March. Seems I was waaaayyyyyy off.

* Yes, we're moving. September 16th. To Edinburgh. No, we weren't joking. Yes, we really mean it. No, really truly we do. Sorry if you thought we were joking. Yes, you will still get Christmas presents.

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