Monday, October 27, 2008

Things that make knitting easier

I have my own blocking room. It's called the "Resource Room", but there's nothing in it, it's a nice size and has two very toasty radiators. I hereby claim it in the name of my knitting!

Here's my Snowdrop Shawl blocking quite happily in my new room - I'll be taking some very nice pictures when it's done.

But with what? Why with my nice new Samsung L200 my lovely Felix bought me at Heathrow Airport.

Felix knew how much I hated my clunky old camera (a loaner from an ex that I never returned, just because I kept forgetting to) so he bought me a new one. Isn't he sweet?

Well...kind of. When I was blogging or on Ravelry I needed his laptop because we only brought one
with us to Scotland. Felix had to sit around playing on his DS (which he loves) or just waiting for me to finish, causing me to feel guilty and him to feel bad.

Behold. My new baby.

An Acer Aspire One. The shiny pure pearl one. My birthday/Christmas present. Best part? Linux OS.

Never doubt my love for my husband - he knows me. He loves my knitting.

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Leonie said...

My first ever laptop was an Acer and I LOVED it! My now husband is in IT and regularly reformatted the hard drive on his computer and the risk of losing my thesis stuff was too much to risk, so I got one of my own! Having the right tools for the job make all the difference!