Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fun with graves

I had planned to take some pictures of my finished Snowdrop Shawl at Glamis Castle, but we didn't make it last weekend after all. Instead I give you pictures of somewhere equally historic - the Howff.

The Howff is a graveyard, situated in Dundee on the site of the gardens of The Greyfriars monastary founded by Devorgilla Balliol in the 13th century.

Devorgilla was also the founder of Balliol College at Oxford, and the mother of King John I of Scotland.

The Howff is just fun - the tombstones are all old, some crumbling, most illegible.

This one belonged to one John Sim, and I did apologise for borrowing it briefly.

Not sure who this one belonged to. But I think I may have stood on the owner's head.

Next up? Well, I'm reading "Dracula" for my 19th Century Novels group, and Bells is having a Long, Lacy Summer, so to satisfy both, there can be only the Victorian Lace Blouse by Michelle Rose Orne. I obviously have a lot of time on my hands these days.

I suspect this may have belonged to a pirate...


Bells said...

ooh it's so beautiful and a stunning backdrop. Lovely.

Rose Red said...

Visiting from Bells - your shawl is just gorgeous and I love these graveyard shots and the little bit of history. I especially like the pirate tombstone!!