Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How do I make lemonade from this?

I'm a Christmas junkie. The redder and more glittery covered the celebration, the better (Glitter: the herpes of the craft world). This year was no exception to my usual OTT-ness.

This is what happens when I go nuts in the kitchen. I forgot to take photos of the 120 gingerbread stars or the few chocolate-coated coffee spoons I produced, but the gingerbread house was a given. It disappeared rapidly on the day, evenly divided between us all (Felix and I got half a roof which is apparently a fair share...).

The day itself was pretty good. Marcus was suitably spoiled with presents, including a small bike and lots of soft squishie toys. He deserved spoiling.

How can you not spoil someone who looks this cute? (As promised, Sonia!)

The next morning saw us up and out early to drive to Yass. I shall skip over the bad bits: scraping the skin off one of my knees, the car dying on the side of the Hume Highway, the RACV taking TWO HOURS, Felix's sunburn from walking up and down the roadside with Marcus while we waited for the RACV etc etc. Needless to say we got to Yass late.

We left Yass on the Sunday nice and early so we could make it to Port Macquarie nice and early. I was happy, working on my Garden Shawl for the Long Lacy Summer, with Felix clocking up the hours for his L's. We didn't count on the Buladelah nightmare.

17 kms. Two hours. You can drive faster through a shopping centre. Kudos to the guys in the van behind for offering their beer bong to share. By the end of the nightmare I was driving again, desperately trying to get to Port before dark. Not a chance.

You see, it's been raining in NSW. Since Saturday. Port Macquarie is lovely, except right now it's 23 degrees and 85% humidity. Everything feels damp, including me. My knitting charts are wrinkling up with moisture, and they feel damp to touch. I have never felt so grossed out in my life. Ew. Big time ew.

I suppose the good side is that I'm getting some knitting done, but to be honest if it wasn't for the great company here I would have turned the car around on the Hume Hwy, just past Wallan...


Leonie said...

Wow you have had a time of it. Hoping the return trip goes much better. Enjoy the company while you have it, the time with Felix and the baby and hey at least Felix got some more driving practice!!

sapphireblue said...

That's a really nice gingerbread house.

Hope your day goes better today.

Sonia said...

Marcus is super cute! Thanks for the photo :)

Bummer about your drive to Yass, I hope your return trip is less eventful.

Love your gingerbread house, by the looks of it, you've had a few years practise… it looks PERFECT!

Glitter, the herpes of craft! Classic!