Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Generosity or insanity?

I had a pick-up this morning, so I organised my mum to mind Marcus while I took Dot with me, as we usually do. Unfortunately my mum had an appointment this morning so two of my nieces became ring-ins for the morning.

When I got home Marcus was exhausted (well done girls!) and went straight off to sleep. I put Dot down and dragged my nieces out to my workroom. While I sorted my buttons into OCD jars of varying colourways my nieces sat on the floor going through my stash, taking whatever they wanted.

No, they weren't pinching my stash. I told them to help themselves to whatever I didn't really want, and they fell upon my stash with gusto. Occasionally I freaked out and helped myself back to some yarn (like I'm letting them have my white angora! Or the baby camel hair!) but on the whole I was very nice. Ashlee pointed out that her yarn had all come from The Reject Shop and mine felt nicer. Of course it did - she was stroking a ball of Sublime Extra Fine Merino!

I've realised I'd rather buy up a huge amount of yarn to make an actual jumper than buy a small ball here and there. Unless it's looking at yarn. Looking at yarn is sacred.


Gidgetknits said...

I love that they're recognising the difference!

♥[katiie.f]♥ said...

thank you for all the wool :) Xxxx!
i love it :D