Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hook-ing, not hook-...

Crochet is what I do when I want something made up quickly. I'm fast at knitting but I seem to be ridiculously fast at crochet. On the other hand, cut me in half and you'll read the word "knitter" running through me like rings through a tree.*

I suggested to Felix that he might need a hat with earflaps. The current weather is pretty terrible here in Melbourne, and now that he's growing his hair out I worry about him out in the early morning cold with wet hair. Yes, I am turning into my mother.

I chose the Granny in a Flap hat from UK Lass in US, and he loved it.I suggested grown up colours and he loved the idea even more. I then changed my mind completely and decided to make him a Turn A Square in greys instead. I'm not all that constant, really. The kidlets are now getting matching Granny hats, because I like torturing them. Dot pulls every hat off and Marcus just won't let me try to put one on his head, but I shall persevere. Because I like torturing them.

My next crochet idea is the Caracol's Granny Poncho in light grey and charcoal, with maybe some red in there. I have some grey pants with a red pinstripe, and I need to wear more handmade items to work on Sundays. Last week I wore the Elsie cardigan from Rowan "Vintage Style" and customers kept asking where it was from and how great it was and what a beautiful colour etc. It was pretty fun, actually. Now I need some 10ply.

If only I worked at a knitting store...

* Please don't cut me in half.

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