Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ravellenic Games: Day 3 and 4

After a happy start yesterday, blocking my new beret, I sat down to knit up one ball of yarn for the jumper. It took all day. ALL day. It reached the point where I was up late trying to finish off the ball of yarn. I was almost there when Marcus woke up and I gave up.

Today I was going to sit down, finish yesterday's ball and start a new one. I had a delivery and a pick-up for the business, so that cut into my knitting time. Then the kidlets and I went for a walk. Can't knit while you push a pram, so that cut into my knitting time. Felix reminded me that I had a rug to crochet up for a customer, so that cut into my knitting time.

I was rather dispirited this evening, so I did the only thing anyone could do.

I cast on a hat.

As requested by a friend, here follows more photos of my lovely new beret.

A close up of the lace section.

A close up of the knitter, to give you all an idea of the size.

It's really huge, even for my huge head. Which is great, considering how often I wear my hair up.


sapphireblue said...

It's a very pretty hat.

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment, so nice of you!

S x