Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It'a a very crochet Christmas!

I had a lovely 38th birthday last week. Spoiled with pancakes in bed after a sleep in, if you can qualify 8:30 as a sleep in! Felix gave me a new iron, which is just what I wanted/needed/whimpered for, and the kidlets gave me a new ironing board to match. The board is brilliant - the highest setting is too high to iron but it's perfect for sewing up seams. Just excellent!

On Monday night we set up the Christmas tree while watching "Home Alone", because Christmas movies are mandatory for such activities. We've never has a tree up, apart from a metal one that holds tea lights, so I was pretty excited.

It's teeeeeeny and pretty and I adore it. The kids love the bell ornaments and I have to keep replacing the silver one constantly.

Crochet baubles were a given, once I saw this pattern by Pip from Meet Me at Mike's. An easy follow and look how awesome it is! I'm planning another red, and two white. I figure four ornaments of each type seeing as there's only four of us. Logical? Not really, but it works for me.

Today the kidlets are in their pjs for the entire day due to diseased-ness (is that a word? It can be, right?) and I'm not too fab either. Marcus has sinus pain and is snuffling constantly, while Dot has THREE molars coming through. THREE.At the same time. 

It's times like these I regret giving up alcohol...

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sapphireblue said...

We've had a table top tree for 6 years. It works great, doesn't take up too much space, and I can put it away easily.