Friday, February 01, 2013


Today's finished object is one of shame.

At the beginning of the year I wrangled my ufo's into some semblance of order, namely THE LIST. Now, to do this I had to open boxes that had been hermetically sealed for years, containing things that man dare not what of, etc etc. One of the boxes contained a dodgy looking Audrey Hepburn emblazoned bag and my heart sunk, for inside was someone else's knitting.

 This is possibly the worst of the worst. I'd taken Jade's knitting, from Scotland, faithfully promised to fix it (the scarf) and finish it (the gloves), then I would post it back to Scotland. Please note that two weeks after we arrived home from Scotland we found out Marcus was on the way and my entire life turned into baby knitting.

But enough excuses, here's Jade's scarf.

It's a plain stocking stitch scarf of 450 stitches on a 5mm needle, and early on Jade turned around mid-row, creating a hole. I promised to pull it back and finish it for her. To do this I had to undo about 15 rows, then started again, only to realise that the mistake was three rows lower. So I picked up the stitches three rows below, while in Gold Class watching "The Hobbit".

I couldn't look down at any point, because the film was just too brilliant. Luckily, after about an hour, I was off and knitting again. It took another three days and then I cast off 450 stitches.

Yeah, so Jade: it's finished. Still want it sent to Dundee?

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