Monday, October 14, 2013

One square/day at a time

Marcus had his 4th birthday party on Sunday and was spoiled rotten by all. It was miserable weather, but who needs outside when you have cars, bubbles, Legos and cake?

I need to block all of the triangle bunting today, along with sewing all the ends in. Now that my finger is able to crochet again without twinges I think I'll get back to working on Marcus' crochet blanket. (I haven't forgotten Dot's cardigan, but I need yet another ball of cotton and I haven't had time to get it. Ditto Marcus' orange jumper, because the yarn has FINALLY come in).

Marcus' crochet blanket has been going since February, I think, and there still seems to be no end in sight. Being me, I've drawn up a spreadsheet to work out how many squares I have to go and I'm marking them off as I go. If I join on two squares a day, I'll be done by mid-November (there's 55 to go). Then I can take the blanket with me as we drive to Port Macquarie for Christmas and add the edging which will be HUGE. I can't wait.

So, I've attached the brown square, time for a red.

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SapphireBlue said...

Looks great!