Tuesday, February 18, 2014

That's very pinteresting

My name is Andrea and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

Phew! Glad I put that out there. Now I can stop with all the terrible lies. "Oh, I found this recipe on.... the page of a cookbook." "I saw this brilliant idea for gardening on.... "Gardening Australia" last week." "I read the most amazing article about organising paperwork on...... I mean in the "Herald-Sun".

(Just kidding. I'd Oedipus my own eyes before voluntarily reading the Herald-Sun.)

Chantal and I started up a group board last year called "Future Knitting Projects". As you can see, we seem to like anything cowl/shawl-like. Also, cardigans. And lace. Loooooooooads of lace.

We started the board after a conversation about the Miette Knit-A-Long that we both wanted to join in on. Now, by the time our yarn arrived from the US (no, Chantal won't let me pay for it. She never does!) the knit-a-long was over, sort of, so we decided to start picking more things to knit together. Last time we did that we both managed was our BFF's, which went REALLY well. But what next?

Do we knit the Miette that we already have the yarn for, just waiting to be started?

Or a smaller cardigan, like the Miss Lemon, all lace and short sleeves?

Do we accept that winter approaches (pffffft!) and knit the Vite Cowl?

Or the Snow Gloves?

Maybe we just accept our fate and knit the Netherfield Evening Bag while watching "Pride and Prejudice", the BBC version which Chantal has never seen. *ahem*

So, please, everyone else: pick us a project?

I'd just like to say thank you everyone for all of your lovely comments and emails about my last post. I'm only as strong as the people surrounding me, so with all of you helping me I will most likely be invincible!

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SapphireBlue said...

I'm addicted to all the vintage photos on pinterest.