Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pros and Cons

We're moving. It's been four years in our little rental and it's been good. Not great, but good. We brought Dot home from the hospital to here, we had Marcus run away from here, we've had fun and lots of tears here. We've loved this place and now we need to leave it.

I get clingy though, and I suspect that I'll get all dewy-eyed about here, so I'm making a comparison list for the new place vs the old, the known vs the unknown. Even this place has its faults... The pauses is for people who have been here to start laughing.

Con: The new place doesn't have a craft room.
Pro: The new place doesn't have slat windows that let the cold winter air in so badly that we stapled clear plastic tablecloths over the kid's bedroom windows.

Con: The kitchen is smaller than here.
Pro: The kitchen floor is level. There is also not a stump sticking two inches up in it.

Con: The house is on a main road.
Pro: The bus stop is outside our next door neighbor's place.

Con: The lack of shade in the back yard.
Pro: The lack of mould on the carpet. Ditto rotting walls.

Con: It's a big upheaval for the kidlets,
Pro: Suck it up. Separate bedrooms FTW!

Con: It's a lot of work moving.
Pro: 11 dead mice since Easter. Including one in the bathtub tonight. We can leave them all behind.

Con: The backyard isn't as big as here.
Pro: No, it's bigger.

I'm sold!

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