Tuesday, October 07, 2014

More room, less room

We moved house last weekend. I'm still in a state of constant anxiety but I'm sure I'll calm down.

In a year or two.

The biggest difference to me is that I've lost my craft room, quelle horreur! I will be storing my crafty bits out in the garage and bring them in as I use them.

Obviously I can't do that with knitting projects I've already started. They have special places of their own.

My Sherlock blanket, Mum's Ski jumper and my Sabrina cardigan are under my side of the bed.

Marcus' blanket is in a carry basket next to the bed (for now, it can't stay there permanently).

Lastly, all the materials for my Divination OWL are packed into the bottom of the wardrobe.

Hopefully I'll have unpacked enough to get some knitting done this weekend. Fingers crossed!

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