Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Aspirational knitting

There's a very small section of my brain that looks at something I'm doing, or thinking of doing and says "I don't think I can do that". This is the part of my brain labelled "Common Sense" (despite my family's belief, I do have some common sense). This very small section is generally overruled by a very large section of my brain that looks at something I'm doing, or thinking of doing and says "It can't be that hard". This is the part of my brain labelled "Andrea".

This has caused some consternation for everyone but me over the years (especially when I agreed to marry my co-worker 5 hours into our first date) but it's truly handy when it comes to knitting. A massive lace shawl? Can't be that hard, and it wasn't. Fair isle hot water bottle cover? Can't be that hard, and it was so easy I made a second. Knit a wedding bouquet? Can't be that hard, and it wasn't and the bride loved it.

There are some things to take into consideration, though.

Do I really want to spend a year knitting a wedding ring blanket to cover my entire bed? Probably not.

Am I ever going to wear a massive lace stole anywhere? I mean, when do I ever go out to anything? Again, probably not.

A Victorian lace blouse? Pffffft, probably not.

Instead I'm trying to make realistic choices for my life, and that can work sometimes (my Miette cardigan) and sometimes it really really doesn't.

Have you ever received a catalogue in the mail and briefly imagined yourself in the clothes? You could wear that dress to a party, those pants scream "work presentation" and those mega heels are perfect for lunch with the girls, right? Then you remember that you're an unemployed housewife and none of the above applies (except the mega heels. They're awesome all the time).

I bought three balls of 100% alpaca to make Marcus a jumper. I pictured him in it: dark blue with a contrasting light blue stripe around it; with his hair he'd be extra gorgeous. That was in July last year, and I was planning to start it next month. Then I started thinking about the appropriateness.

Marcus doesn't wear jumpers. I can bribe him into a vest, but not a jumper. Alpaca can be pretty darn itchy too. Marcus freaks out at clothing tags, so how would he do with alpaca against his arms?

I need to learn to knit for the children I have, not the ones I hoped I would have. I think Marcus is getting another vest.


oneagainst said...

I totally stalked you from a comment I read on a different blog. But I have to say, I do that same thing. Except that my projects that I think will be fine usually end up on a big tangled knot. I'm more of an enthusiastic knitter than a good knitter. I just got a new knitting book, and the project I want to make most out of it, is the biggest blanket I've ever seen. Probably when I knit it up, it will end up about the size of a pillow case. :)

Andrea said...

Stalk away!

I am a huge fan of massive blankets a s well, except that I like to make them in squares and join them up, like my Sherlock Holmes squares and the huge blanket I'm crocheting.

SapphireBlue said...

I have seen this wedding ring blanket before, and thought, I can make that, but I have to be honest with myself. I might start a few sections of it, and lose interest. It's beautiful to look at and dream though.