Wednesday, August 19, 2015


No doubt many people might object to their significant other being home sick. I read posts on Facebook about "man flu" and how husbands become all whiny and turn into sooky three year olds. I obviously married a good 'un because Felix is home for the week with a chest infection (requiring antibiotics disguised as horse pills) and I couldn't be happier.

Spending time with Felix (and no kids) is the best part of my day. When the kids are finally asleep we sit back and watch some episodes of "Archer" while finally having dinner (9:00pm is normal for dinner, yeah?) or else he heads off to play something on his PS4 while I sit behind him on the bed watching Netflix and knitting, either my own or customers'. Last night I came into our room to discover that Felix had started up Minecraft and I proceeded to sit and watch for almost three hours while he built a house and various adventures, and took in my suggestions (An all glass second floor? Why not?) and worked on a neckline for a child's jumper at the same time.

Sheer bliss.

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