Friday, October 30, 2015

Octover: Trinity

It's the end of October, and nothing I planned to get done happened. NOTHING.

Normally, I would be rather upset about this. "I'm hopeless, I never finish anything, I can't get it all done wah wah wah...". I'm not devastated, however, because I have jobs. Many jobs. Many big jobs *snigger*.

The following is what work I have on:

1. Knit a beanie for Morris & Sons.
2. Tidy up and replace the food in Irabina's Hungry Caterpiller set with amigurumi.
3. Knit neck and armbands on a HUGE vest then seam up.
4. Button bands, sew up and embroidery on two baby cardigans.
5. Finish knitting a customer's jacket for them because "I just can't face it anymore" (any true knitter can understand this feeling).
6. Crochet a set of four placemats for Morris & Sons.
7. Knit up two Christmas stockings for Morris & Sons.
8. Sew up a blanket made of teeny tiny triangles and sew all the ends in for a customer.
9. Knit up a cowl for Morris & Sons.

The best part is that so many diverse projects means I'll never get bored! Let's start with the beanie: "Cast on 112 stitches and knit 2 x 2 rib for 60 rows."


Maybe a little bored.

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