Sunday, December 09, 2007

Look! Presents!

If you're reading this in the hope of seeing my birthday presents - tough. This is a knitting blog. Deal with it.

On Ravelry I signed up for a tea-cosy swap, where I make a parcel up and send it off to someone and another person sends gooduies to me. Here's what I received from the wonderful Palopinto:

- busy bee tea cosy
- a beautiful scarf stick
- 2 mugs
- chocolate desserty nibbles
- a block of Eden chocolates
- 4 teapot charms
- a pack of gourmet honey
- a book of recipes for me to make and...
- black and white rice krispie treats (none of which remain).

The cosy is beautiful - felted cream knitting, hand embroidered, and look! The mugs match the embroidery!

The chocolate has all disappeared along with the desserts and rice krispies. I still have the honey...

... at least until my da comes round and steals it!

I love Ravelry!

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