Sunday, December 02, 2007

Very slow and somewhat steady

Despite what my dad thinks I haven't been neglecting his Drunken Argyle for other knitting projects.

He's tetchy because I take other knitting projects with me when I go to work. I have a fair amount of spare time (about four hours) where I can block out the meowing and drink coffee and knit, and my Da thinks I should be knitting his jumper. I spend the time between my shifts (three hours) working on it at home, but only after I get changed.

Everything in my life is covered in cat hair. Not just a leetle cat hair, but huge masses of snowy/tabby/Abyssinian drifts like clouds. I reek of cat when I finish work, my car is full of their scent. It's just awful. Do you really think I want a piece of knitting as important as this one covered in cat hair and smelling of the heady mix of disinfectant and ammonia?

It's coming along slowly - one row of intarsia takes about 8 minutes.

Just be patient Da!

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A Sneaky Knitter said...

Hmm, cat hair on a sweater... I hope you don't mind dog hair embedded in a tea cosy too much... ;-)