Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finished Objects - #10

Eh, voile! Mon béret de Passepartout - N'est-il pas parfait ?

My beret is beautiful. I feel semi-French and ever so snazzy in it (If I ever say snazzy again - kill me).

I love the colours, I love the pattern, I love that I finished it in a week (which included running out of wool and shopping for more).

Oh yeah - this is so getting warn to death!


Bells said...

Oh it's fantastic and it looks gorgeous on you! I must make one. Off to check your Ravelry page!

Sam said...

Oui, snazzy. I look forward to catching you in that promised verbal deathtrap. “So, Andrea... I hear you think J. T. Cobb as a bit of a Sassafras Nazi.” “A Sassafras Nazi?” Gotcha!

catsmum said...

c'est magnifique !