Monday, May 05, 2008

Much ado about nothing (as expected)

Could I be a bigger drama queen? After a weekend of sooking and refusing to knit anything because "what's the point? No one will like it anyway" and other rants, I decided to call my mum about the socks.

Of course she loves them. She wore them all day yesterday and plans to keep them for good, only to be worn with her brown boots for "going out". "They're green!" she said, with undisguised love in her voice. "They're just lovely and they fit perfectly."

I did ask why there wasn't a great reaction on Friday, and it was pretty much what I thought - a migraine. Her head was killing her and she feels terrible that I was so upset. She also needs a new pair of bedsocks...

I'm feeling better, in measurements of HUGE. I'm now back on track and knitting far too much stuff. Behold the WIP list, and a pic of my latest start-up.

It's the Speckled Beret by Kate Gilbert. I'm knitting it for my May/June project for the "Knitting 19th Century Novels" group on Ravelry. We're reading "Around the World in 80 Days" and I've named this project "Passepartout's Beret".

I might even get this project finished before June...

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Bells said...

Wow. That's so understandable. I'm so glad you asked her about it. What a great outcome!