Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Finished Objects 2008 - #13

Technically, I finished this one a while ago.

The chunky red shawl. It started off as planned huge throw, but I ran out of wool.

Then it sat in my "to be eventually finished one day, maybe, no really" storage basket until I could maybe, no really, remember which yarn it was. That's right, I couldn't remember.

Never mind forgetting the dye lot number - I forgot the brand. Sometimes I really worry about my brain...

Luckily, one day I pulled it out while Chantal was here and she asked "Oh, is that a shawl?". Cue cogs turning loudly and I replied "It is now!". I love that girl...

Bonus points to a husband who agrees to model a shawl for you - thanks babe! Please note the amazing quilt behind him that was made by Sue, my favourite mother-in-law.

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