Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finished Objects 2008 - #16 & #17

Being the perfect daughter that I am (pausing for my sisters to scoff) I agreed to make my da a set of fingerless gloves.

These are a bit different to what you might expect from fingerless gloves. They cover the fingers all the way to the nails, because my da has very awful arthritis, so these will keep both sets of knuckles warm.

Can you believe he wants them to sleep in? Strange but true...

I also made another set of pot holders for my mum, partly because she wants them but partly to use up my 8ply cotton.

I was infirmed how wonderful they were, and the need to make some for my sister Leah. I do so love it when I'm told to make something else...

1 comment:

The Tech Doctor said...

were you really infirmed? (I would totally believe it if you said yes...)

or should that be informed? :)