Sunday, August 03, 2008


As you should know by know by now, I work at a cattery. It's a great job - my boss really is awesome, the work is minimal (leaving plenty of knitting time) and I have some lovely cats to play with.

Then Friday happened.

Every night, the cats are put back in their cages (huge 2m areas, double storied) and given their wet food, then I go home. One cat, Cookie, didn't want to come back in from the garden and completely lost it. She attacked me, ripping into my right index finger pretty badly. I grabbed hold of her and bolted inside with her to open her cage. That's when it happened.

Cookie bit me. To the bone.

I dropped her and started screaming, which meant that after I cleaned up my hands (the right index finger was dripping blood by now) I had to come back and calm all the cats down, the poor things. I spent the rest of the evening sooking until Felix arrived and we headed out for the evening. Came home, took an antibiotic, went to bed.

I spent yesterday at a secret knitter's gathering as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, which I am sworn to secrecy about - if asked I can only state that I am knitting a project for the CIA. I had a great time, hanging out, laughing, maybe some yarn shopping browsing and knitting, even though my fingers were all bandaged up.

My bitten left index finger kept throbbing though, and looked very red, swollen and the bite spot was a hard white spot, so I bribed Felix and headed for my nearest doctor open on a Saturday - the Alfred Hospital. After a really long wait I was examined and told that, yes my finger is infected, yes antibiotics should sort it out, and..... no, I can't keep knitting.

No knitting for at least five days, and I need to sit quietly with my left hand elevated for the rest of today at least. If not, the infection could spread to either my tendons or maybe even my bones (but that option is far less likely). If that happens I'm looking at surgery, and that means no knitting until after we leave.

So I'll be spending today on the couch, trying to stay calm and not cry (it actually burns, darn it!) and praying I can still take part in the Ravelympics this Friday.

Stupid cat...


Dr Bones said...

Oh man, that really sucks. Cat bites are pretty ferocious at the best of times (germy mouths and all) but having to stop knitting because of one is just beyond annoying. I'm sitting here wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of crappy DVD/TV watching for the day. Or maybe a stash sorting day?? With your hand elevated of course. If you can't knit you can still feel up yarn!!!

Karen said...

Oh, how terrible. I hope you are feeling much better very soon. Hurray for antibiotics.