Sunday, March 08, 2009

What to knit first...

Chantal once pointed out that the problem with pregnancy is that you have less than nine months to knit everything. As usual, she's right, so I'm taking advantage of my current unemployment to knit my fingers to the bone.

Recently I was worried because I didn't feel like knitting. Or reading. Or (shock horror) watching BBC dramas. This is when Felix started to worry. I asked my Divine J(udith) what was wrong with me and her reply was very comforting. "Koekie, you just moved back to Australia, you travelled for 50 hours straight, you're living on a sofa bed and you're pregnant. Just take the time you need to relax." I love Judith, especially after she promised to knit Podling presents in cotton. I loathe knitting in cotton - no give to it - but as Podling is due at the end of September, summer looms, so cotton it must be. Judith has taken a weight off my mind, and I have promised that the second I know the boy/girl question she'll be told.

I myself am a wool lover, but even I have made sacrifices. I have knitted a cotton tank top in Rowan Wool Cotton - *gasp*! That's about two hours from finishing, and once I find my camera again I can take pictures. It's somewhere around.

In the meantime, I've also started the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket in Patons Merino Deluxe DK that was a present long ago from Damien from ACS. It's always great to put a lot of yarn to a great use, and this blanket is a one-of-a-kind.

Next up - a knitted christening gown?

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