Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back on track, and a celebration

It turns out that all I needed for motivation was a big fat sook to everyone who reads this blog. I find that if I say something bad out loud or type it then it tends to fade in my estimation and I can move on.

I noticed that I seem to be a bit lazier at night, so I decided to make 9:00pm til 10:00pm a knitting hour for specifically my baby blanket. It has to be that late because Felix doesn't finish work til 7:00pm, then has the train to catch, then I have to feed him something to stave off grown-man starvation whining, so later it was.

The plan was flawless, perfect, genius! I know I can knit six rows in an hour, because that's how long the train ride takes. Brilliant, it'll be finished in no time. However...

I received some amazing yarn from a beautiful person (full explanation later) and I started winding on the skein as soon as I had shown it to Judith. I started winding on in the car, people. It's that lovely.

So, Sonia, your advice has been taken. Start something new. Does my knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for a newborn really surprise anyone?

Yesterday was a long lazy day, starting with a sleep in til 11:30, followed by watching the latest "Doctor Who" special while eating leftover Ikea meatballs with gravy and jam for brunch.

Next up was mooching round Chadstone looking for a cotton doona cover we both didn't hate, munching choc tops and popcorn during "The Boat That Rocked" and heading out to the Tea House at South Yarra for yum cha with flowers in the food. Luckily Borders on Chapel Street was open til 11:00pm, or we would have had to cut our fun short.

Happy Anniversary Felix. I couldn't have imagined a better two years could have existed.


Bells said...

glad to hear the mojo is back!

And what a lovely day. Sounds ideal. Thanks for the article, BTW, on Tess, that was great.

Sonia said...

Woo Hoo! glad you're knitting again.

The green BSJ is looking gorgeous too!

Gidgetknits said...

The BSJ - perfect to get back the mojo! And did you love the new Doctor Who? Smiled at the reference to Chadstone - I'm off there myself tomorrow but it seriously needs a LYS!