Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm sure I'm a knitter...aren't I?

A combination of lethargy and displacement have made me recently question everything in my life, especially my hobbies. My knitting and sewing have seemed utterly impossible as Felix and I are guests in a friend's house, taking up their spare room bed and wardrobe.

Virginia Woolf once spoke on the need for female writers to have a room of their own, but I think it applies to those of us who craft as well. I know she would agree, as she was a knitter and as crazy as we all seem to feel at time.

I have had neither the space nor the inclination to knit of late. Most of my knitting is in storage until we find somewhere to live, so my project choice is limited. I currently have only one project on the go, and it's a pretty big one. I started the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket in the beginning of March and I've only knitted two alphabet rows out of six. Now this is not a small project and normally I'd be fine with that amount, but I'm not employed and really have nothing else to do but find us somewhere to live (almost impossible when you don't own a car anymore).

So I need to decide a few things.

1. Do I want to continue with the blanket?
2. If yes, how will I force myself to get it done?
3. If no, what do I intend to start instead?
4. What can I do to be a little more productive and less, well, blah?

This may take a while. In the meantime, I shall make a start by blocking two almost finished projects:

An argyle tank top and a wraparound jacket for the Podling.


Leonie said...

Sounds like the displacement of not having your own space is affecting your self perception, or maybe it is allowing some introspection in. It won't be just the displacement though, it will also be those pesky hormones from the podling as well. Pregnancy is definitely a time when you re-evaluate the different aspects of your life and try to decide how it will all fit once the podling is out. Go with it. Try not to get too down from it, look at it as a way of growing in your life and just go with it. Good luck.

Sonia said...

When in doubt, cast on something new! It works for me… I love the argyle vest, so cute, so little, so excited!