Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's the little things that make me happy

Last Friday night, Felix and I were watching the end of the Giggle and Hoot Goodnight Hour with Marcus (as you do) and because it was the end of the week the ABC showed the credits for the week. I was knitting so I didn't notice but Felix did and started one of the best conversations.

"Hey babe, who did you think the closing song sounded like?"
"...wrap and turn. Huh? Oh, I said it sounded like Lior."
"Guess who wrote the song?"

About four months ago I first heard the song and mentioned then to Felix that it sounded like "This Old Love" because of the bridge. It turns out that either I have an amazing ear for music, or one of life's happy little moments happened. *

The Treads sock did this to me last Saturday at work. I finally decided to read the entire pattern, as I'd just started the short row heel and as the instructions were pretty much the same ("Repeat rows 3 and 4 until...)" I started to read ahead. Finish heel...yep, got that...nothing but stocking stitch until the toe...blurgh, boring...commence toe...yep, just the usual decreasing unt-

The toe is another short row heel. You put half the stitches aside, work another short row heel on the other half then kitchener stitch the two sets together.

Weird as this may sound, this was a happy little moment for me. My sock pattern threw up something new, and it was bloody fantastic! I was so excited that the next person to walk through the door at work was given the full happiness. Being a non-knitting P-plater bogan, he was somewhat unimpressed by my enthusiasm for my knitting discovery (another "My nana does that" garden variety pest, I'm afraid).

This is why I love knitting so much. I've been knitting for almost 32 years now and it's still giving me happy little moments. Best. Addiction. Ever.

* The complete opposite of this story happened one Saturday afternoon stuck at the Punt Road/Swan Street intersection. Felix and I were under the rail bridge in the shade, listening to his iPod in the car when I suddenly cried out "So that's why they're called The Cat Empire! His name is Felix!". The idea that someone hadn't connected the lead singer's first name to the band name made my husband laugh for the next twenty minutes and we both still bring it up, usually when either of us has an obvious epiphany.

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Gidgetknits said...

Nanas are awesome, though! I'm totally ready to be 'nana' by knitting at the tennis. I love your sock discovery though. It's one of the really brilliant things about knitting. You learn cool things!