Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New projects

It's almost here! Yes, I'm entering the Australian Country Spinners competition yet again, with an eye on actually finishing in time. I'm the most overly competitive person I know, which Judith told me last year was the reason I needed to enter. I think she knows me too well.

Last year was my little chicken boy. This year, Marcus is a big boy (with a head of magnificent curls that no hat will cover) so he'll be getting a big boy Fair Isle vest of my own design. Hey, the rules said I could design my own or use one of their patterns, but the Fair Isle patterns I like are a little bit more complex than what they can offer, and I'll need something to keep me awake at night for the other new project in my life.

Dorothy Joanna, born June 28th at 3:11pm. She's named for a wonderful lady I knew as a child, and will be known by that lady's delightful moniker of Dot. I love the name - it makes me think of cute little ladybirds for some reason. She's slotted in our lives with ease, and adoration isn't a strong enough word for how we feel about her.

I really am disgracefully lucky.


sapphireblue said...

Awww! What a sweetie! Congratulations! Okay, details. Weight, legnth, hours in labor?

Andrea said...

Weight was a shock: only 7 pound 11.5 ounces. I was expecting a heffalump the size I was! Length was 19.5 inches, and I had an elective c-section due to the disaster that was having Marcus last time. Funny thing is that 20 minutes before surgery started my waters broke. Actually, the contractions weren't that funny, come to think of it... ;)

♥ asнʟєє xxσ ♥ said...

i LOVE her she is soo cute!!

Leonie said...

Congratulations on her safe arrival, sending healing thoughts and wishes your way for a speedy recovery.