Sunday, September 18, 2011

Before and After - The Sewing Room

I gave myself a deadline of 5:30pm today to get the room into shape. I took my photos at 5:10pm. I'm feeling a bit smug, to be honest.

Look at that: floor! A clear entry into the room is a pretty big miracle if you ask me. Bottom left is a craft cart full of interfacing and iron on padding. The jarrah shelf thingie (technical terminology) is holding my iron and my cutting boards now. Under the bench are four boxes full of fabric, all sorted into colours and folded up. I taped a list to the top of one of the boxes with my future plans for the huge amounts that I have. The best idea was setting up my old corner desk on the top to hold my lovely old machine.

Isn't he lovely? He was a present from sister's partner's mum who no  longer had need for it. Up on the desk he's far far away from a certain small boy who thinks all sewing machines are toys in disguise.

The table of generalness no longer has a pile upon it, but rather an awful lot of space, which is nice. The was enough space to add another chair to centre of my cutting table, which will help a lot!

Under the end table are a few boxes. There's my mending box, the projects I haven't finished yet box (now in order of necessity and guilt at not finishing them), embroidery projects and a box full of fabric that I use to make knitting project bags (to be sold on Etsy and Made It soon). The three trays on top have my pincushions, my felt and my unfinished lavender bags (I make a lot of those for the business).

Under the window are two boxes of various fabric that I plan to get rid of. If you want them, send me an email, okay? Otherwise that Salvos will inherit the box next weekend.

Finally, we have the new sewing corner. I moved another sewing table in, this one from my nan. She's just moved into a nursing home (at 95 - finally!), so I dibs'd it. I've put my overlocker on the new table and my sewing machine on my other table, l-shaped in the corner. Under the table is my nana's sewing basket, which is full of sewing cottons.

I've hid all my scissors in a container up the back so hopefully Marcus won't be able to reach it. He isn't that interested in the scissors, anyway, not when he can open up the front of the overlocker! Next to the scissors is my dodgy old clock radio, just for some music while I work.

It took less time than I thought it would, which was great. I'm setting myself the challenge of keeping it looking like this for a month, then adding some decoration, so you'll have to check back in then to see the result!


Chrisknits said...

Doesn't it feel great to organize a space. You so inspired me I was ready to get up and organize, only, I have no room to set up my craft area! I use the dining room table to sew and block my knitting. The spare room closet has my knitting yarn and a bookcase to hold my books and binders. A cedar chest in the living room holds the fabric, plus a bench seat coat rack in the hallway. The rubber stamps were given up months ago since I never had the space for them. That's as good as it will get at my house until a child moves out.

sapphireblue said...

Nice sewing machine!

Sonia said...

I'm very impressed by the speed in which you got your room into shape. Do you rent out your services!!