Thursday, September 15, 2011


My favourite day arrived again: Royal Melbourne Show drop-off day. You take an hour to drive in (what is wrong with the Eastern/Alexandra Road exit?!?), walk in and start gossiping with the woman in front of you with a huge pile of sewing to hand in.

This time the judge asked if I hadn't finished the projects I decided to not enter. "Nope, just didn't want to spend three hours blocking a 60" shawl." She looked down at my arms where Dot was and replied "I can understand that."

We'll be going to the Show this year as well. We think we'll go every year on Marcus' birthday. A very wise knitter I know* once stated that no-one should work on their birthday, and as a family we count everyone's birthday in that idea.

Plus, showbags!

* Yes, Sonia, it was you!


Sonia said...

Hahahaha very true, hubby and I take each others b'days off too.

Showtime, yay! I'm looking forward to seeing your entries this year :)

Sonia said...
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