Sunday, January 29, 2012

Small Objects

Recently Felix has discovered a fondness for Rekordelig fruit cider, especially the mixed berry flavour. (I love the stuff as well but I gave up alcohol as part of my 101 ideas in 1001 days.) Normal beer holders are just too narrow for the massive 500ml bottles that the cider comes in, so I crocheted a holder.

It's made up of two layers to keep the bottle nicely insulated, with the inside made up of various orange 8ply scraps and the outside is two lots of Zara 8ply - in Felix's favourite colours, of course! It was a complete success, so much so that I'm working on a smaller black one for a friend. Now all I need to do is embroider the Van Halen logo on it.

Very rock, indeed,

1 comment:

Sonia said...

Cool cosy :)

The Strawberry/Lime cider is yummo, I haven't tried the others yet