Monday, February 06, 2012

Meet Snuffles (and his highly productive creator)

I was on Ravelry and spotted the perfect photo. It was cute, sweet and looked pretty simple. It was also amigurami, which I think means "Crocheted small things that make people squee". So I dropped my knitting, picked up the hook and made myself a dragon.

Meet Snuffles.

I adore him, 'nuff said. The pattern was beautifully written and so easy to follow. The only modification I made was to increase his wing size and add them to the back of him. His tail helps him stand upright and look adorable.

He's very adorable. Happy Year of the Dragon everyone!


I've been working hard on other projects. I finished up Cameron's birthday Van Halen cosy.

Now he can rock out with his beer all cosy. The very lovely Joex came and picked it up yesterday while dropping off a stereo for me to use in my sewing room (woohoo!) and mentioned that the previous evening she and Cam had been microbat hunting as a community project - catch them, tag them, release them sort of thing. Sadly, they didn't catch any, so I thought I might make it up to her as a thank you for the stereo.

An amigurama microbat is on its way to you today Joex!


Sonia said...

Squee! Love, love, love your dragon... Damn, another one for the queue!

sapphireblue said...