Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Has anyone seen my Adiposey?

I had my crochet in the front seat of the car, but then the car went all wobbly and I grabbed everything out of it in bags and now I can't find the bag that had my crochet and now I need to work on Felix's Adipose doll and I don't know where it is!

*deep breaths*

In other news I finished Marcus' green cardigan.

When we put it on him to take a photo Felix said "Look at Daddy's little Kurt Cobain!" which was both incredibly funny and somewhat accurate, Mr Cobain having been the sort to rock a cardi. Marcus failed to work out why we were laughing, but he seemed content to slob about in it for the afternoon (we couldn't take it off him without protests so we stopped trying).

I also realised that my new 4ply cardigan I started to knit for Dot will be far too small for her. Dot is somewhat... large for her age, and generally wears size 1, so I've frogged it back and started making her a new cardigan using bamboo/cotton blend.

It's a Hexagon Granny Cardigan and it is positively zooming into existance. I started this at 7:30pm last night and I'm onto the second half already. Mind you, I need to buy more yarn to finish it - at least another ball. Considering I'm using Moda Vera Bamboo Cotton the bank shall remain unbroken.

The Baby Cowboy boots were finished up on Saturday as well (day of the green cardigan) and they're just adorable. I adore them. They are to be adored. Possibly more so once they're on Dot, but I have no intention of waking her up just to take a picture. Feel free to sulk.


sapphireblue said...

Looks great! Look at that baby's hair.

Gidgetknits said...

Too cute. Love the little Kurt Cobain and can't wait to see the Dot rocking those cowboy booties!