Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The heater is on. In *January*.

When I woke up this morning it was 10°C. In January. This is quite odd, as today's finished object was finished on a 39°C day, just a few weeks ago.

My lounge room wreath isn't very fancy but it was fun to make. The pattern is from Good Knits, and while it wasn't easy crochting around a polystyrene wreath form, it was worth it in the end.


The roses are from the ever amazing Attic 24, and they eat a fair chunk of yarn, so if you're looking to kill off some stash, pick up a hook.

The most fun part for me was nuking some diced potatoes with water to make starch for the edging. I pinned out every loop on a blocking board, took it out onto the front verandah in the disgusting heat and sprayed until the edging was wet. Thirty minutes later it was dry and ready to decorate. Hot days have their uses sometimes!

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