Monday, July 22, 2013

Good idea, bad idea

I slacked off on my work last week and spent some couch time reading "The Cuckoo's Calling" by JK Rowling Robert Galbraith. Nice old-fashioned murder mystery, I suspect good old JK is an Agatha Christie fan. Unfortunately, I have a very big problem when I read books: I bite my nails. Badly. Very very badly.

On Thursday, when washing my hands made the remaining nubs of my fingernails sting I knew I had to do something. So my brilliant idea was to buy some cheap stick on nails to wear for a few weeks, until the worst of it all was over.

Brilliant. Genius.

 Knitting lace with these talons is close to impossible.

(Apologies for the web cam. I managed to break my phone screen again...)

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SapphireBlue said...

That is gorgeous nails!