Wednesday, September 04, 2013

An election hat for Charley

For anyone lucky enough to have avoided it so far, Australia is in the midst of a federal election.  As happened in 2010 we're having a Seinfeld election.  It's about nothing.  As this blog is about knitting and not politics I'll refrain from ranting.

I went to high school with a very sweet guy named Chris. He's a very talented artist and a dedicated human being, passionate about rights and happiness for everyone,  not just the privileged few. His partner, Cathy, is a Melbourne City Council member and a representative of the Greens here in Victoria.  She is equally awesome. After the Greens election launch last month Chris posted a photo of himself holding his little baby Charley, standing next to Adam Bandt, the federal member for Melbourne. Charley had little green booties on, an automatic "Awwwwww!" moment.

But no hat.

Now, the weather today is phenomenal. Sunny, gorgeous, warm. Saturday, Election Day, however, will be cold and wet.

Charley is out representing the Greens. She needs a Greens hat.

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SapphireBlue said...

That will be a nice gift. Much luck on the election.