Sunday, September 08, 2013

Well, ****

I didn't get the little hat to Charley before the election, but the Greens won the seat of Melbourne and that's good enough for me.

Instead of more knitting news I have a somewhat less pleasant announcement: I'll be on a hiatus for a week or  two, possibly longer.

You see earlier this evening I took a bit of my thumb off while slicing potatoes on a mandolin. It's about 1mm away from bleeding and it feels a bit weird. 

Now, you're probably wondering why I also have a bandage on. I mean, it's hardly a bandage-worthy injury, right? Annoying, sure, but a bandage is a bit drama queen, really. Besides, I shouldn't need time off knitting for almost slicing the tip of my thumb, now should I?

I do need the bandage for the massive chunk I took out of my right index finger though. The piece taken off was about 0.5" x 0.25", and bleed like a monkey trucker. In the emergency room I laughingly said to the doctor that I wouldn't be able to knit for a week, and he looked surprised and said "Oh no, probably closer to a month."

A month.

Fetch me a straightjacket, stat. The pain block will wear off soon and if I can't distract myself from the pain with knitting I'll need restraining.


SapphireBlue said...

Ouch!!! That's not cool at all.

Sharondoubleknit said...

That is aweful. I've been out of knitting commission for over a week and i'm slowly loosing my mind. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.