Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Now I'm just making work for myself

I delivered two baby tops this morning, one jumper and one cardigan. Both completely adorable, both requiring more work than one would think.

The cardigan hadn't been finished entirely, so I spent an episode of "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" knitting up the fronts, then joining the seams with faggoting, then miss stitching the borders and sewing up all the seams. About 3 hours all up. For a baby cardigan.

The jumper was a breeze, I thought, and proceded to steam the pieces pre-sewing up.

...wait a minute...

The stitch was split rows earlier, and the knitter didn't notice. I did, because I can spot a mistake from 5 metres away. I could just leave it, after all she didn't notice it, did she?

Yeah, right. That'll be the day. Rows dropped, picked back up. All shiny, cap'n.

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