Monday, June 29, 2015

More work

Hey Andrea, how's the knitting going?

Pretty good. I haven't had time to even look at my own stuff, but I'm busy making other people happy, which is nice.

Will you get to do any of your own knitting soon?

Hehehehe... Oh, you're serious? Well, I'm heading off to the sale at Wangaratta next Saturday with Chantal, where we shall spend a small fortune on yarn. I have a station wagon, so I'm thinking if I put the back seat down, we can fill it up to the brim.

The weekend after that is Bendigo. THE Bendigo. The one where we spend a big fortune. Chantal again, I'm the passenger so I'll be knitting (finally!) and this time's going to be far far worse...

...why? Felix didn't say you could buy a sheep, did he?

I wish. No, I have a new toy.

Meet Lynette. The very sexeh Joex lent her to me. Something about the first taste being free... Anyway, I'll need to buy fibre for spinning, obviously. Lots and lots of it. More than three bags full.

Do you have room for that?

...did Felix send you?

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Sonia said...

Yay! Spinning is ace :) Looking forward to seeing you in Bendigo, but not the yarn sale… I'm not that crazy!