Thursday, September 07, 2006

An exhausting Wednesday and Thursday

I started my new job yesterday, so my breezy days of non-stop knitting are all over. Until the work runs out next May and I slack off for another three weeks.

Yesterday I managed a grand total of twenty rows (above left), and that was only due to the need to travel by tram to and from work.

Last night at the V.E. it was non-stop and I barely knitted 6 rows. So I was determined to manage a bit more today.

So far, I've managed fourteen - work was non-stop and the V.E. is always busy on a Thursday. This is hopeless! Luckily I have a two hour lunch break tomorrow, and I plan to spend a lot of it knitting. I need to finish this jumper - read the list; I need to keep going.

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