Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A knit-free Tuesday

Not a stitch today. Not a single solitary stitch was knitted. This was not only due to my extreme busyness (is that even a word?) but also because I wanted to rest my hand. Instead I cleaned.

This is my wool cupboard. It's an old 1920's oak and walnut armoire I bought years ago and I've been using it for my knitting supplies for the past few years. It was a mess up until a few weeks ago when I separated my stash into two groups - 1. projects to make, and 2. pure stash. This tidied up the worst of it and made it easier to control.

I put the divided stash into two large boxes I got from Ikea, and then set about cleaning up the rest. The top section contains an antique weaving shuttle and my knitting needle roll. The top drawer has a few knitting patterns I plan to knit up, the second drawer has my niece's projects that they are coming over to knit next holidays and the third drawer has a pile of old knitting patterns my mum gave me that make me laugh. Good ol' tacky 70's knits and crochet bikinis...

The bottom section has a bag with a project to be finished and my ball winder. Now here's hoping that this might make me a bit more efficient.

I'm crossing my fingers even now.

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