Sunday, September 03, 2006

A very busy weekend

Non stop action in everything but knitting this weekend. Burlesque shows, electric eclectic string quartets and Father's Day x 2. It seemed as if the days were neverending.

But end they did. My da liked his doll, but didn't seem over enthused, which worries me greatly.

I think Bobby (short for Bobby Jones, a name still invoked by golfers with a hint of awe) looks quite spiffy, myself, but I shall let you be the judge.

As for myself, what next? I work now on my red cabled jumper, knitted in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in the rather scrummy colour of "Posie". The jumper is knitted in the round and I am up to the armholes, and now I need to knit the sleeves. Instead of knitting those in the round I plan to knit them on straight needles, and then join them up with the rest of the jumper to continue in the round, finishing with sewing down the sleeve seams. I know that sewing up seems to be a chore for other knitters, but I rather enjoy it, even though I delay as long as possible in the action of it. Not from dislike, but from a fear of making it look clunky and very much hand made.

This is how much sleeve may be knitted whilst watching three hours of "Bleak House" on dvd. It's all mine now, and is very wonderful, and a Victorian soapie as all Dicken's stories were. Great to knit to.

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