Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A calmer Wednesday

Rumours of my death? Exaggerated. Rumours of my crippling? Sadly, terribly true.

I haven't been able to knit for pretty much the last month. I spent so much time knitting my sleeves to "Bleak House" that my hand cramped up. Normally, I would (very reluctantly) put my needles down for a day or two and rest my hand. However, I started my new job working on the census, and I had to type. A lot. Really a lot.

Say hello to my leetle frien'! (Always wanted to save that for a good reason.) This is my typing glove. It makes sure I don't scream in pain every time I sit down at a keyboard. The nails are now gone, decimated in the name of typing without crying.

So, I picked up my needles the last few days in the hope that I can ignore the pain shooting up my right arm. And I can.

Behold! The red jumper! All finished! It was so much fun to knit. It's the first time I've ever designed a jumper and this one is all raglan in the round. I still had to sew up the sleeves, but as I like sewing up sleeves, not a big problem. Carrying around the knitting was worse - it's very hard to walk and knit with a whole jumper on a circular.

However, there is a problem...

It's huge. I made a ribbed cowl neck and it's too wide. I look like a picture of Ann-Margaret from the 60's in it. The current plan is to thread elastic through the neck and hope it isn't too noticeable. *sigh* The best laid plans etc etc.

So, now I'm back, what's next to work on? Started an aran cotton tank top to wear over summer, and then I'll go back and check up on the list to see what's next. I really feel like sewing some more though - stupid warm weather makes me want to drop my needles and sew instead. Maybe the circular needle holder from the first S'n'B book...

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